En Dag sleeve


En Dag

Originally recorded for Slottet Records (a label curated by Conny C. Lindström and Mats Gustafsson), En Dag is a collaboration between Rick Tomlinson (guitar), Chris Walmsley (percussion) and Pete Hedley (violin) – the Voice of the Seven Woods touring band of 2007 – along with the occasional vocals of Maria Eriksson.

Slottet fell by the wayside shortly after the session, and the record was left unreleased.

En Dag is translated as ‘One Day’; these nine tracks were recorded live to tape at Konst & Ramar studio, Stockholm on January 4th 2007.

Release date: November 2018.

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  1. The Blue Hour
  2. An Open Road
  3. Winter Drum
  4. Tema För Ugglan [Listen]
  5. Untitled Trio [Listen]
  6. Path of Stones
  7. Thaw
  8. Pre-Dawn Chart [Listen]
  9. Sun Quarter Pass